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    Any help or tutorials on easily making a  3d Ball Model roll along X,Y,Z and correct rotation for speed (note with skin, so 2d is not sufficient)


      Hi there, I'm trying to animate a 3D ball rolling on all three Axis in a 3D space in after effects.   I have a null object, and can move the object along a path relative to that surface.   I'm currently guessing the rotation, and the ball obviously looks like it is ice skating across the surface.  I'm also using Video Pilot 3D plug in so adding models and skinning them is no problem.   Since the ball has a unique skin across the surface, I can't fake this with a 2d object and scaling.  Here is what I would like.


      An easy solution to:   If I set a ball object to mimic the path of a null object can I have it

      1. Take the speed and distance of the the null object and use the Balls diameter to calculate the actual rotation.
      2. Take the XY and Z position of the path to rotation on all three Axis'
      3. Using Z change the scale relative to the camera

      And anything else I'm not considering.   This might be a 101 concept that related objects can easily manage, or it might be that I need to write some code for it.  Either way, does anyone have a tutorial or guide they could recommend?  I also have access to Lynda.


      Windows 10

      Adobe CC6 - Complete

      VideoPilot 3D Animate v2.0