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    Preview issues when exporting pdf from InDesign



      I am working on a PC, Windows 7, InDesign from CS5. I have had several issues with color filled frames not appearing in the preview of an exported pdf, different files, same problem. The file(s) "prints" just fine. For instance I have a page that has a logo, two separate lines of text in Arial font, two .jpg (cmyk) photos and a solid process color background. When I export to pdf (I've tried every option available to me) the colored background does not appear in the preview. I can send this file to the printer and it prints exactly as set up in InDesign. I have also systematically removed each item separately and re-exported each time, same results. I have even deleted everything on the page with just the colored box. Same result. I have dragged the elements onto a page in a new document. Same result.


      Thoughts? Anyone else experiencing this? I looked for other discussions regarding this issue, but couldn't find one just like it.