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    Attribute-value support?

      I would like to do something in RH8, but I don't see a way. Perhaps through user-defined variables, but I don't really see how variables do much more than snippets. Conditions don't seem to apply here either. I would like to define a global attribute, such as 'Product'. Then, the attribute would have different values: 'ProductA', 'ProductB', etc. Then, I would apply the attribute to different topics, selecting different values for each topic. Ultimately, I would like to insert a snippet or variable at the top of a topic, that says, "Applicable Products: "x, y, z". The 'x, y, z' would be a list of products this topic applies to. This list can change over time, but instead of manually updating the topic, I would just update the topic's values for the 'Product' attribute, and the snippet in the topic would update itself. Any ideas?