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    Create Popup Dialog with Hot Spot

      I have put together a large Fireworks project (199 pages) simulating a Windows application. Some of the size was a result of my inability to figure out how to get a simple popup Dialog to appear from various screens in the application. This resulted in quite a few similar pages.

      I have been able to create a Slice and put the dialog graphic on State2. I then link the Slice to a Hot Spot that I created on the page (State1). However, the result is a simple rollover, where the dialog graphic is temporarily displayed when I roll over the Hot Spot. This is not what I need to happen. What I need is for the Dialog graphic in State2 (under the slice) to be displayed when I click on the Hot Spot.

      I noticed an "Alt:" field on the Properties tab of a Hot Spot, can this be used to help solve the problem?
      I also noticed a "Target:" field on the Properties tab of a Hot Spot, what is this used for?

      The documentation is pretty thin for hot spot and Slice operation. I have only been able to find basic operational info. Is there a more complete set of documentation that I am missing?

      Any help would be appriciated.