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    displayName not working on the column axis of a OLAPDataGrid

    Ugo Ducharme
      In my application, there is an OLAPDataGrid. In the OLAPCube, I use the displayName property on each OLAPAttribute because my application is multi-language. The problem I have is that the column axis does not use the displayName property, it uses the OLAPAttribute name property instead.

      For example, here is an OLAPDimension that I use for my column axis:
      <mx:OLAPDimension name="TimeDim">
      <mx:OLAPAttribute name="Month" dataField="month" displayName="Foo"/>
      <mx:OLAPAttribute name="Year" dataField="year" displayName="Bar"/>

      <mx:OLAPHierarchy name="TimeHier" hasAll="true">
      <mx:OLAPLevel attributeName="Month"/>
      <mx:OLAPLevel attributeName="Year"/>

      In my OLAPDataGrid, the column names are Month and Year instead of Foo and Bar.

      Is there something that I do wrong? Should I use something else for having a multi-language OLAPDataGrid?