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    What happens with Dehaze adjustments when switching from CC to LR6 ?




      I've been using LR CC for the past year, but for my personal use (not using PS at all), it doesn't make sense to continue this way.

      I'd like to switch to LR6, which does not include the "Dehaze" slider.


      What happens to my catalog after this switch ?

      Will the photos I've already edited be again more "washed out / hazy", or will they keep their existing aspect, only that I won't be able to change it anymore ?

      Are there any risks with regards to compatibility and/or stability because of switching from CC to LR6 ?


      Separate question : are there any other limitations with the Windows program (so not counting mobile / Cloud / etc.) in LR6 compared to CC (meaning besides Dehaze) ?


      Thank you and best regards,