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    How can I most efficiently create a variable image in a book with many documents?


      Situation: I'm laying out a comprehensive safety manual for a number of different companies, and each company's name and logo will appear throughout the book.


      I have created a book file (.indb) containing all the chapters (around 40), and I'm looking for a streamlined way to customize each company's book with their name and logo.


      Using variable text, I discovered a way to update the variable (in this case, company name) in one document and have all the others sync up to it.


      But I'm stuck on how to automate the images. Data merge is the only option I can find online, but, because I'd have to do a data merge in each of the 40 documents (and then save each company's document separately from there), that would be at least as convoluted as just updating the images manually


      Is there a better way? "Variable text" feature for images? Or some script I don't know about? (or some way to make data merge work automatically across all documents in a book?)