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    The classic deletion of multiple photos in Lr CC, retrieve from Trash and losing edits.  How can you use Time Machine to retrieve Catalog and edits with Lr?


      This has happened to me before and I have seen this question asked a lot!


      Normally I just re edit them and tell myself 'not to make that mistake again'


      This time I REALLY can't be bothered - the photos are for a client. Fortunately I exported them as JPEGS at 3000 pixels across last night so they have low res edited versions BUT they may ask for high res versions.


      The raw files are in my trash, the originals were originally imported to an external HD, the catalog is on my iMac.


      Today I put back the RAW files from Trash to appropriate folder on my external HD, opened Time Machine and restored the Lightroom folder containing 'Lightroom Catalog.Ircat' and 'Lightroom Catalog Previews.Irdata' and everything else in there.


      When opening Lr again the files were all there in the correct folder on my external HD but the edited versions were not showing.  I did feel the images momentarily showed edited previews with adjusted curves, blacks and whites etc without cropping but then 'loading' made them disappear and become flat RAW images again.  I may have been seeing things.


      Is there a way to use Time Machine to retrieve edits in a different way to what I tried?


      I think that once Lr was opened again today after restoring the catalog and previews file refreshed itself and lost the edits, if that makes sense.


      Any help would be appreciated!