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    Stock trial resets yearly subscription period.

    John_Nolan Level 1

      Just a heads-up to people considering adding Stock to their yearly CC subscription: I my case, adding Stock resulted in my plan's starting date being reset, and cancelling resulted in another reset.


      To explain: my yearly subscription was set to renew (or expire) in September 2016. When I added Stock in December, the end of my term was reset to December 2016, and when I canceled my term was again reset to January 2017. But, I don't need to re-new, since I am going to be provided with a CC subscription through my workplace this year.


      So, my "no penalty" trial incurred an extra four months of obligation (which according to Adobe's term's would cost me 50% of the monthly fees if I wished to cancel).


      After considerable poking around on the Adobe account help pages, I called an Adobe 800 number. After speaking to a couple of agents, I was told that, although my term could not be re-set, if I chose to cancel in September, I could call, quoting my case number, and the penalties would be waived. So, my problem is solved.


      But this seems a byzantine process for what was offered to me as a free trial.


      I think Adobe should change the way this is set up, and stop describing the trial as "free" and "without penalty". Even with the eventual resolution of my issue, I would not describe my experience as "penalty free", and I wouldn't recommend to any friends that they "give it a try!"


      I love Adobe products, and have been using them for many years. I hope this trial process is just poorly thought out, not machiavellian.