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    INDESIGN, opening and saving


      I wish we never had started using InDesign CC2015!!!!


      Cant open InDesign doc. clicking on it once... have to try 2-3 times????

      "you may not have permission"???? Obviously I have, but not the first time!

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      Next I can't save it to our server??? WTF??? We are a company and needs to save on servers.

      Now it seems that the doc is damaged??? But if I save on my desktop it works!!!

      Sever solution always worked fine with InDesign CS6 and before

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      According to the web, there's a lot of people/companies out there, who have the same problems.

      Is Adobe going to do something about it???... or do I have to trash my CC2015, get our money

      back and downgrade to InDesign CS6