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    Having issues with the blur effect on 3D text


      I don't know if is't a bug, or i just don't have something turned on, but when i make a text layer, the blur works just fine, but when i turn on 3D, and even Per-Character 3D, the blur stops working.

      Pic 2.png

      Here it is with the text in 2D and in 3D:....

      Pic 1.png

      Again, i don't know if it's a bug, of if i'm just doing something wrong, but i did get it working once, but after 8 hours of work on a project, had everything perfect, ready for rendering, Ae crashed, and when i re-opened the project, all of by blurring had been removed, without any way to re-instate it. If anyone else is having this problem, and you found a way around it, i would love to know how, but any help at all is greatly appreciated.
      And to the staff, if this is a bug, it's a very frustrating one. >XO