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    Video comic intro effect/ freeze frame


      Hey Guys,

      I'm editing a video and I was asked to add this kind of comic effect to the video. Almost like a game promo.
      the effect is like where the hero comes out and then the title effect slides in on a freeze frame.

      ill post the link to the reference video below. pass: sam

      at 00:00:23:22 and 00:01:26:11 of the video you will see what im talking about.
      please if anyone knows how to do that kind of effect, or any tutorials that teach this kind of effect. kindly let me know.

      Thank you so much for your support and help

      Kind Regards

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Nothing but layers and rotoscope. You could even export a frame as a Photoshop file and remove the background there. It might be easier than doing it in AE.


          If your new to AE you'll need to learn some skills and become familiar with blend modes.


          If you are experienced I would work this way:

          1. Pick the freeze frame and add a layer marker at the CTI
          2. Export frame as a Photoshop file
          3. Remove the background in Photoshop
          4. Import the PSD and add it to the timeline above the video
          5. Add a solid or shape layer you can blur and edit using blend modes for the flash transition
          6. Add your graphic background below the PSD

          That should get you started.