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    Is there a way to reorder custom sized master pages in InDesign?

    stuartm73511210 Level 1

      I have a barrel fold brochure that is 6 panels and the layout now requires a new panel to allow for a double thick back. I setup my document with two master pages, interior and exterior. The back panel is 7.75" square and the next panel is 3.875" (half the width). Each successive panel is .125" smaller to account for the barrel fold. The new panel is going to be 7.75" square and adding it to the exterior spread is easy as the 7.75" spread is on the right as InDesign appends a new master page to the right of the spread. However, when I add the panel to the interior spread I have to move it over to the far left. I cannot see a way to do this as InDesign doesn't appear to let me drag/drop the spread pages in the palette or in the master page layout edit view. Am I missing something here or am I going to have to just resize each page in my spread manually?