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    Can't get links to work using a nav bar made with Edge An in


      I am very new to Edge and I have been trying to learn it (and know it is going to be going away)  However, I created an interactive nav bar using reusable symbols in Edge.  Based on a tutorial I saw by Simon Widjaja. I put the links to the appropriate pages (.html) on my site just using the default way in Edge, using:


      window.open("index.html", "_parent");"


      Messing around a little I did get this way to work


      window.open("Users/jasondusko/Documents/MeadowGardens/index.html", "_parent");"

      However, with the second way, I fear that these links this way, they will not work once I upload/FTP them and make the site live.


      I am currently building the website locally on my mac using dreamweaver.


      Any help would be most appreciated!