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    Mouse out doesn't work in iframe (HTML5 Canvas)

    just.emma Level 4

      Hi, I am using the HTML5 Canvas option in Flash CC for a banner ad.  I have a button, and I gave it a rollover & out animation.  Like this:


      this.clickthrough_btn.addEventListener("mouseover", over.bind(this));
      function over()
      this.clickthrough_btn.addEventListener("mouseout", out.bind(this));
      function out()


      Which works perfectly fine, until the ad is actually in an iframe, which is how HTML5 banners are displayed on different sites.  When it's in an iframe, it doesn't seem to be able to detect when I move my mouse off of the banner.  Is there any way to fix this? I really don't want my hover state to be stuck.  Any suggestions are much appreciated!


      I did find this but it didn't seem to work with my code: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1058085/iframe-onmouseout-capture