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    Why does the tile function not work?


      In DC

      To see two open pdfs at one time

      Help says to select Window/Tile/Vertically

      well that function is no responsive

      Can this be fixed.

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You need to open a new window within Acrobat so you are not in the tabbed viewing mode.


          Window => New Window


          Now open you can open a file in the new window and then tile the windows.


          This is not broken, it is just the difference between viewing documents at tabs and viewing documents in windows.


          It used to be users wanted tabbed documents in the application and not multiple instances of Acroabt/Reader as OS tabs.

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            G02 Level 1

            Thanks for that info.

            Previous versions opened a new window by default, however the Adobe DC default is set to open a new tab.

            To change the DC default go to Edit/Preferences/General/General Categories and uncheck the box that says
            "Open documents as new tabs in the same window )requires restart)"