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    Help creating a formula within a form field in adobe Acrobat XI.


      I have created in excel a table that helps me to prorate rent given: beginning date, End Date, and monthly rent amount. I need Help to convert this over to a form field in Adobe Acrobat XI

      Following is the set up that I have in Excel. Thank you for any help



      Move-In DateMonth End DateMonthly RentTotal Due
      201/08/201601/31/20161000=(B2-A2+1)*(1/30)*C2    [Answer=$800]


      Above is a table to illustrate the table in Excel. I am trying to recreate the same table in Adobe Acrobat XI form Fields but am at a loss on how to create the script in the calculation portion of the form.


      is there a way to subtract two dates to find how many days to use in the proration (B2-A2)?