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    Actions and triggers not working


      This is my first Edge project. I am on the latest update of Creative Cloud (Dec. 2015) on a PC running Windows7.


      I am trying to create an interactive diagram with functionality similar to the one in this video:



      I have a diagram as my background, and I want the user to be able to click on a part of the diagram to bring up a new image, then click on that image to make it go away and return to the main diagram. Then they could click on another part of the main diagram, and it would bring up a different image. Click there and return to the main diagram. And so on.


      So I have my main diagram saved as one symbol and loaded in. I created the animation that moves one of the supplementary images in (labeled HR-in) and out (HR-out) of the screen. I created the transparent box that functions as a button (per the video tutorial) and opened the "actions" brackets, selected Playback >> Play From >> and then prompted for target I double-clicked "stage" and I filled in my label. The code says:




      I also have a timeline trigger set, before the animation begins, that I want stop playback so nothing happens till the user clicks the button. The code I see for this is




      What's currently happening is that I preview in Chrome and the thing just plays. The trigger in the timeline doesn't stop playback. The action I've assigned to the button doesn't do anything.


      I've saved the files here:



      Thanks in advance for any help/insight.