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    Disabling selected single-letter prediction in InDesign


      Since the most recent update, when I select a single letter of text, say, to change a lower-case "a" to upper case at the beginning of a sentence, a letter "A" pops up in a box directly under the selected character. The only way to agree is to mouse-click on that box (baffling, as my hands are on the keyboard when I edit text!) to insert it, and to make matters worse, the suggestion is a small cap which I would never want in the middle of body text.


      So, to get past this awful suggestion, I have to first hit a key to get that box to go away before pressing "shift+A" to type my capitalized letter. Every. Time. I select a letter.


      This is beyond maddening! Yet another "feature" that does nothing more than get in the way. Please help me turn it off.