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    Changing properties of external FXG files - live preview

    honyk Level 1
      Hello Everyone,

      I'd like to know, if it is possible in Flex to develop the following type of web application:
      On the server there are several FXG (new SVG-clone vector format) images. Some of attributes are filled by named parameters.
      There is Flex application which browses content of web folder and add the name of each FXG image into combobox.
      If user select combobox item, FXG image is loaded from the server and placed into 'preview' area of Flex application.
      There are other controls available. They are linked to FXG's named parameters. User can e.g. select color of the FXG's background rectangle using color picker or by typing the text into textbox can show text directly in FXG image.

      I am not sure if it is possible to place external file directly to the Flex application and if it can communicate directly via attributes. Is this possible? Is there any example how to do it?

      It is intended for Flash Player 10/Gumbo.