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    What about importing photos from Aperture Librarys?

    AnotherMe Level 1

      Hello everyone,

      I have many photographs on my iMac. Many of them were imported into the Apple software Aperture. Many other photos are not. I have several questions.

      • How do I import the photographs form my Aperture Library? Must I first export these images before I can import them into Adobe Lightroom?
      • Is it good practice to import all of my images on Adobe Lightroom? And will Adobe Lightroom allow me to organize this images much look Adobe Bridge?
      • Is importing photos into Adobe Lightroom going to physically move the images on my iMac?
      • What format does Adobe Lightroom import?
      • What does it mean when it asks if I want to use SD Card?

      I am sure I will have many other questions. I want to get these out of the way first.

      Thank you for your help.