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    Frame won't fill completely with color in InDeisgn CS

    casinclaire Level 1

      I have a recurring problem in InDesign CS, but this particular project only happens every six months, and I don't remember how I stumbled upon the solution last time. Hope someone might be able to help.


      I have a left-hand magazine page layout, one I've used for years, with just a couple of text frames and a photo. I haven't changed the content in ages, except to switch out updated text with each new issue. (This is just an editorial page, essentially.) 


      Behind this page layout, I have placed a frame and filled it with a light tan background.  It starts at the gutter (right-hand edge) and then reaches to the bleed in the other three directions.


      For some reason, across the left side and bottom, I have an area that will not fill with color.  If I duplicate this frame on the right-hand page, that bottom area extends all the way across the bottom of that page, too.  It is almost as if there is something with a text wrap or a white fill bumping into those outer edges (not the gutter and not the top) of the page.


      I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is.  I've recreated the spread, started, stopped the program.  I've stopped short of trashing my preferences because I hate the idea of recreating them.  But I have this vague memory that, the last time I figured this out, it was something fairly simple and didn't require trashing my preferences.


      I know I'm going to feel stupid when the answer presents itself -- whether from someone on the forum or if I remember it on my own.  But I sure am not making any headway trying to figure it out or job my memory.


      I have, by the way, check transparency, attributes, and effects.  Nothing there.  I'm stumped.  And I'm in the middle of a deadline.  Anyone with the magic answer?  Feel free to make me feel as dumb as you want



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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          It's difficult to comprehend what you are looking at, but hoping I can give a few tips that will help you discover what is going on:

          • Make sure you can see the Layers panel and the Effects panel
          • Navigate to the page spread that has the issue
          • In the Layers panel, click the disclosure triangle to the left of each layer name to expand it. All the objects in the layer should become visible
          • Next click on the small square to the right of the layer name to select items in your layers one by one.
          • For each item that you select also check the Effects panel to see if there are certain transparency effects applied that might cause the issue, and also check their bounding boxes so you know where they are positioned, something might be overlapping the frame with the issue. In addition check the stacking order of objects.


          Hopefully going through the objects one by one will help you find the issue. If not, see if you can take a screenshot of what you are seeing, also which version of InDesign are you using?

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            casinclaire Level 1

            Hi, Cari.  Thanks for the quick reply.


            I've come to the conclusion that this is a screen anomaly, the kind of thing that happens when one is low on RAM -- except that I just restarted the computer, and I have 16 GB of RAM. So I'm pretty sure that really isn't the problem; In any case, the PDF I printed for proof did NOT display this problem. I still can't remove it from the screen -- i.e., it still won't display correctly -- but I guess if it prints okay, then I will let it be a mystery.


            I did try your suggestion, but it was a little tricky with a 40-page magazine to isolate out the items among the layers that were just on that one spread (I have "text" on one layer, "folios" on their layers, "backgrounds" on their layers and so forth). So I saved a copy of the file and deleted all but the problem page, which dropped it down to a manageable number of potential problem elements.


            It got (and has stayed) really weird after that.  I turned all the layers off and turned them on one at a time.  The background that was not filling completely came on just fine, filled to all the edges, no problem evident.  But when I turned on one of the text layers, part of the edges -- just PART -- of the filled frame appeared to be blocked by overlaid by white, as if part of the text box -- but the text box has no fill; plus the shape was very irregular beyond the bounding edges of the text box, so I really don't think it was PART of the text box but was somehow caused by the text box.  When I turned that off and turned on another layer, same problem but with a different shape.


            I think there is just something on this page that isn't agreeing with something else, and it is weird enough that I thought I'd give you the details; but again, it prints okay to PDF, so I'm going to consider myself lucky. Maybe it will fix itself!


            Oh, you asked what version of InDesign I'm using.  I have the latest version off Creative Cloud, but this happened in my last version six months ago (whatever Creative Cloud was offering at the time). So I don't think that is the issue.


            Thanks much for your effort! -- CS

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              Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

              There might be some corruption in your InDesign document in that case.


              Try the following:

              1. Choose File > Save As
              2. From Format (Mac) or Save As Type (Windows) menu select InDesign CS4 or Earlier (IDML)
              3. Click Save.
              4. Then choose File > Open in InDesign and navigate to the .IDML file you saved earlier, and open it.
              5. If it all looks OK, then Save this file and use that one instead.


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                casinclaire Level 1

                Thanks, Cari.  I'll definitely try that -- tomorrow!  Must get my head out of the monitor for a little while.  I'll let you know how that works.  If it works, it will be a great trick to have in my pocket.  I think I came across something about it once before but didn't think of it applying to my situation.  I will not be surprised if this document is corrupt, though, as I've been saving and renaming it for a few years now!  Stand by ....

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  If it's showing on screen, but not in print, it sounds like there could be an object filled with [Paper]/White that is either set to overprint or is set to non-printing in some way. Does the problem persist if you switch to Overprint Preview?

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                    casinclaire Level 1

                    Thanks, Cari.  I tried this, and it worked.  It did some strange things with some of my links, but it was only the work of a moment to check them and relink any that needed it.  The screen anomaly is fixed.  Thanks much for tipping me to this way of cleaning up corruption and helping me avoid having to trash my preferences!  I'm sure the file is benefiting overall, too!  As I said, I've been resaving and renaming it for years, now.  It probably corrupted itself on purpose just to force me to clean it up and give it a refresh! LOL!  Thanks again.

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                      casinclaire Level 1

                      Thanks, Peter, but there were no objects, filled or otherwise, that area that could be causing the problem.  I will keep that in mind for future, though.  For now, saving to IDML and back to INDD fixed the problem.