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    Lightroom changes the Color of my Photos!



      I have a big Problem when using Lightroom.  I have a Canon 70D. I am photographing manually. I created my own manual white balance, and i am adjusting it on the grid in the settings too. I also set my own Picture Style. This is a setting in which I can manually and directly preset saturation, contrast, color tone and sharpness for the pictures i will take.

      To make it short, I created my own adjustments, to make th pictures look different.


      As soon as I import them to Lightroom, they load a little while. While they are loading, the preview is normal, looking like it looks on the camera. But once the loading process is finished, the picture suddenly changes color, saturdation contrast, and brightness. I end up with a completely transformed picture.


      I can't import pictures anymore, because lightroom basically destroys them. I wrote about all these settings I changed, because I think that this may be the cause, lightroom changes the pictures. Maybe lightroom doesn't have the same adjustments saved, as i have on my camera, and instead applies an automatic white balance or something.

      I would be really grateful if someone could explain me how to change lightroom settings in order that the program "takes" the pictures as they are.