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    what are these 4 "other lightroom mobile devices" (prev: empty "collections/folders/what are they")

    vinsolo Level 3

      empty "collections/folders/what are they"

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      Vincent SolomitoCommunity Member

      I Use LR 2015.3, iMac, 10.10.5.


      I have noticed that there are 4 folders or whatever that are, which have appear in my LR library list.

      These items contain zero images. Don't know how they got there.

      Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 6.25.39 PM.png




        I cannot delete them or find them. They seem to be within or related to mobile downloads.lrdata, at least when I try to locate them I am directed to a folder called PICTURES/LIGHTROOM which contains the mobile downloads.lrdata file. This has been no help.


      I do use LR mobile and do have a collection on my iPhone and iPad (the same collection).


      I am completely stymied in my effort to remove the "objects", pictured in my screen shot.


      I don't know what I am dealing with but am not new to LR.