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    flash plug in for Firefox will not download



      I am using Win10 (PC), Firefox ver. 43.0.4.  Have installed Adobe Flash Player 20 NPAPI ver. but the Flash plugin does not appear in my add ons.  There are other Adobe plugins (e.g. Adobe Acrobat) installed and successfully working.   Please advise as to how I can re install the Adobe Flash Player plugin.  Thanks KB

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          Carm01 Level 4

          Give this a try:



          1) Download the Adobe Uninstaller here: https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/uninstall-flash-player-windows.html#main_Download_ the_Adobe_Flash_Player_uninstaller


          2) Grab the Offline install files that you need located here:

              a) Firefox (NPAPI): https://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/latest/help/install_flash_player.exe


          Now that you have all the files you need you can begin, usually you do not have to uninstall, however it can be a good practice generally speaking as the Adobe Uninstaller takes care of certain thing that might be left over from older installs.


          3) make sure you have ALL Browsers closed, and the following applications closed as they use one version or the other or flash, this is not a complete list (check the system tray for the running application):

              a) BattleNet browser

              b) Yahoo messanger

              c) Skype

              d) Steam Browser

              e) The Weather Channel App



          4) Right Click on the Uninstaller and Run as Administrator to begin Uninstalling All variants of Adobe Flash Player; once again Windows 8.X and Windows 10 users the Integrated version WILL NOT be touched by this uninstaller. This should only take a few seconds.



          5) Right click and run as administrator whichever Variants you downloaded in step 2 ; install them.


          That should be it and you should be able to play any flash content for the browser and plugin you installed for.


          You can go to the following page to verify you have Flash Player Installed, and test it; you should see a little bouncing cube here: http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/


          This page will just tell you the version: https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html


          Best regards

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            kbFlorence Level 1



            Thanks for your response and valiant effort.


            Unfortunately your solution did not work.


            I was able to successfully follow all steps without issue.  Once again I uninstalled and reinstalled Flash using the links you provided and as Administrator.  And again Adobe Flash Player 20 NPAPI ver. loaded (have verified and it appears in list of programs) however it did not play on checking (no moving clouds or bouncing cube) and again there is no flash plugin in my add ons in the Firefox browser.


            I am not currently experiencing any other issues.  So where to from here?


            Will wait patiently until another solution  /  fix arrives or update or patch for Flash.


            Thanks again for the attempt.



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              maria__ Adobe Employee



              If Flash Player is installed and not showing up in the Firefox Plug-ins list it's possible Firefox is the culprit.  You can try completely uninstalling (removing profile, etc) and re-installing Firefox, or resetting Firefox. Note that either of these will result in losing your Favorites list and install plug-ins, so you may want to save these before performing either one of these actions.


              See Reset Firefox preferences to troubleshoot and fix problems | Firefox Help and Refresh Firefox - reset add-ons and settings | Firefox Help for assistance.




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                kbFlorence Level 1

                Hi Maria


                Thanks for your response.


                I had prior to asking for help in this forum done an uninstall of Flash and then a 'reset' of  Firefox to no avail.  However I did try your suggestion of 'uninstalling' Firefox and Adobe Flash and then reinstall both.  Still no result.  Also based on your suggestion that it was possibly a Mozilla Firefox issue, I used their support site to troubleshoot on flash which including unchecking hardware acceleration in options/advanced/general.  Still no result.


                However prompted by your thinking it was a Firefox issue (which it turns out it wasn't) caused me to consider other programs that may be interfering. I then switched off my security did a uninstall and reinstall of Flash, restart of computer and then turned my security back on and am happy to report SUCCESS.


                So it would seem that for some reason my security had interfered with Adobe Flash.


                Hopefully the issue will stay resolved.


                Thanks anyway for your response as it got me thinking to other causes.



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                  maria__ Adobe Employee



                  Thanks for the detailed reply.  I'm sorry you had to go through all that trouble to finally discover it was the virus protection software.  We do submit the install files to various virus protection software companies so they can be blacklisted.  What is your virus protection software?