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    Outline contour or shape - How can I save it as template to use with other InDesign projects ?

    Joe_Caldwell Level 1

      Hi, everyone.


      I am in need of some help. I've tried to find the answer to my question online but haven't been able to obtain the answer I need.


      I need to create a serious of outlines in InDesign and save them as some form of template so I can use them later with other InDesign layouts. These templates, will contain nothing but line drawings with certain shapes that will then be superimposed over images contained in other InDesign files in the future. These outlines will be composed of 6 to 8 elliptical images, each an independent image but part of a larger image. In other words, it would be really helpful if I could group these shapes together as one single image but still retain the ability to separate or ungroup them when necessary to edit them individually (change their shape according to the needs of each project).


      How can I create these shapes (wireframe drawings) and save them in a way that they remain editable ?


      How can I make group them so they become a single entity but at the same time can be ungrouped whenever they need to be edited individually and independently ?


      If I were working with Photoshop I would likely choose to have these shapes saved as PNG images with a clear or transparent background so that they could be superimposed over another image. How can I obtain a similar effect with InDesign ?


      Thank you in advance. Any help will be greatly appreciated.