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    Quiz Reviews

      I'd like to present a single slide or range of slide to review an incorrect answer, and then return to this or the next question after the learner has reviewed the relevant material. It appears that the only way is to "Jump to slide" which is a one-way jump. Has anyone tried anything like this with "Execute Advanced Option"? Is it possible to program some kind of flagging that would let the presentation jump to a previous slide and then have that slide (or the last slide of a group) run an exit script to see if it should go back to the appropriate quiz slide?
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          Wow. I haven't tried that. Seems like too much work to me. I would create a duplicate slide for the incorrect answer to jump to and on that duplicate slide when the user is done viewing it have it on Continue jump back to the question slide. It will add size to your project having extra slides like this, but seems easier to me rather than dealing with scripts.