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    script for text layer import

    dorothea.per Level 1

      hello everyone,

      i am new and at scripting so,,,i hope i can explain what i need


      well i have an indesign file in which i need to insert an extra layer with the translation of a language,,,have a EN layer for English and an extra one FR for french,

      i found a script that is like this

      with (app.clipboardPreferences){

      pasteRemembersLayers =true;



      var docTarget = app.documents.itemByName('English.indd');

      var docSource = app.documents.itemByName('French.indd');


      if (docSource.isValid && docTarget.isValid){

      var numSpreads = docSource.spreads.length;

      for ( var i = 0; i < numSpreads; i++ ) {


      app.activeWindow.activeSpread = app.activeDocument.spreads[i];


      if (app.selection.length >0){



      if (app.activeDocument.spreads[i].isValid){

      app.activeWindow.activeSpread = app.activeDocument.spreads[i];







      but it seems to cause problems with files,

      i have to say that source is a very heavy file, even entering takes a lot of time,

      but i just want to enter text layer,

      do you think this script will eventually work?