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    where are the printer presets stored? How do I find the .prst files to load into InDesign?

    studio@draytonlane.com Level 1

      I'm running InDesign CC 2015 from a fresh intall of Creative Cloud on a new hard drive after the old one crashed. I still have access to my files on the old HDD and have copied most of my files onto the new hard drive. When I go to print in InDesign the program seesm to know what printer settings I used on files I've created, but I don't see any presets. When I go to load presets InDesign asks where I should look to load the .prst files and that's what I am trying to find out. Are they on the local drive? If so where? Are they on the cloud in my Adobe account where I have my cloud files? I will keep searching my computer, but if anyone knows the answer, please help.