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    is Typekit included in acrobat licence


      I am working on a project for a client and have selected a typeface from typekit to use in the branding. The aim is for this font to then be used as body text throughout all invoice and letterhead documents. What I want to know is if the client then pays for the Acrobat subscription will they have access to the typekit font library? Aside from that, I see that the subscription cost is roughly £13pm. This seems quite a lot if they are only going to be generating a few documents a month. Is this the only way for them to be able to work freely with the templates I create in indesign that are exported as PDF's?





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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          Typekit is not included in a license for Acrobat. It is included in some licenses for the Creative Cloud.


          Based on what you are describing, Typekit is really not a reasonable solution unless your client's staff all have either Creative Cloud or individual licenses for Typekit. Clearly, they could place PDF files you create that have the fonts in question already embedded, but that doesn't allow for any additional use of the fonts for new or different text.


          Plus if the client's plan is to use the designated font in invoicing, often generated by server or cloud-based applications, the Typekit license will effectively be useless.


          If you are talking about a limited number of typefaces from a particular font family, you or your client my be better off directly bulk licensing the fonts from the original font foundry.


                     - Dov

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            tome96732454 Level 1

            Thanks for the response Dov. I don't fully understand why the Typekit licence would be useless, it it useless to me then? The font in question is Acumin Pro Semi Condensed but unfortunately its a bit of a maze trying to find the licence for the two weights I wish to use. My understanding is that it was developed in house by Robert Slimbach but if I search on the Adobe site I can't seem to find any individual pricing. I don't suppose your able to point me in the right direction?


            I fear it may not be a plausible route for my client in which case I will probably have to supply the files ready for them to just input text in acrobat. Am I right in thinking that Helvetica is the only font available when doing this?


            Not that its my place to do so, but I would suggest that Adobe consider including Typekit or a limited number of fonts in the Acrobat package. As it stands, it is a very hard sell for those that will not use it regularly and will probably force them to resort to the perils of Word.





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              Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

              Typekit is a top of the line product - the equivalent of "Font folio", I guess, which used to cost many thousands of dollars. A little odd that it is included with every other single-app Creative Cloud app subscription but that's where we are: you can get the mid-range Typekit for $49/year extra. Still, it seems complete overkill for your needs, as you only need one font. 


              Adobe do sell their fonts individually through FontSpring, and others sell them too. The complete Acumin Pro family (90 fonts) can be purchased for $780 (but that would not be for shared use, just for you) and they can be purchased separately.


              Any font licensed for embedding in a PDF can be used for form design. Only you need the font, indeed, it does not help anyone else to have it, because the embedded font is always used for filling.

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                Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee



                Typekit is very useful for certain purposes, but for the purpose that you proposed in your first message, it would be fairly useless unless you want every single user of that font in your client's organization to pay $49 per year simply to access the Acumin Pro font family. Typekit does have “business” and “enterprise” plans that may be useful for an organization that has extensive font needs including and especially for live font usage on web pages — you need to contact Typekit directly for that information and pricing — but that doesn't sound like your particular needs here.


                You can license Acumin Pro via FontSprint at <Acumin Pro Desktop, App and Web Fonts by Adobe>. You can probably negotiate a bulk license for an organization for Acumin Pro as well.


                By the way, Helvetica isn't a free solution either! Although bundled with MacOS (or at least some version of Helvetica is so-bundled), Helvetica is not bundled with Windows. You would need to license Helvetica for any Windows users you have.


                Fonts are not bundled with Acrobat simply because Acrobat is not a content creation tool. Content creation tools need fonts and that is why Typekit membership is bundled with full Creative Cloud memberships.


                On another note, having been through this myself, it is often a fairly difficult task to convince and train non-graphic arts content creators (i.e., typical office workers and IT types) about organizational identity and font usage. The bulk of computer users typically simply use whatever the default font is on their OS and/or application. Good luck.


                            - Dov