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    LR6 not starting after downgrade from CC2015



      After trying Lightroom CC 2015 (.2?) on mac OS X Yosemite (1 month trial), I decided to buy LR6 rather than taking the subscription to CC. So I bought the LR6 DVD and installed it.

      After installation, when I try to launch LR, I have a picture with trees in the mountain and the program is blocked at this point.


      I tried to uninstall everything related to prior CC, removed all Adobe occurrences in my filesystem (in /Applications, and /Library), and reinstalled LR6 : not working better.


      I also moved my catalog used during the trial (in ~/Pictures/lightroom), In this case, the program ask me to create a catalog. Then the main window appears, but I still have the launching window (with the trees in the mountain), and LR is blocked.


      I need some help. Maybe I need to reisntall OSX from scratch ?