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    trouble setting component property

      I'm a Flash newbie trying to build a custom component using Flash MX 2004. basically it's an enhanced version of the standard label component. Everything seems to work fine except when trying to set default text or assigning a text value in the "properties" window (the field displays in the properties window, but any value typed into it does not appear during movie playback). Currently, the text can be seen only in authoring mode, not when the movie plays. The only way for the text to displayed during playback is to set it up through code. Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong? .as file content follows.

      class CustomComponents.FormFields.lblFieldLabel extends MovieClip {
      private var objFieldLabel:MovieClip;
      private var strText:String = "";

      function lblFieldLabel() {

      public function init():Void {


      public function get displaytext():String {
      return strText;
      [Inspectable(defaultValue="display text", type="String")]
      public function set displaytext(val:String):Void {
      strText = val;
      objFieldLabel.text = strText + ":";