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    importing photo from desktop


      Hi, I am new to Lightroom. I have used it only a hand full of times. I recently imported a few photos from a folder on my MAC laptop without issue. The way I did this was by following this simple procedure... Open lightroom (or course) make sure Library tab is open, Go to FILE IMPORT PHOTO, Select Source - Desktop Folder with picture in it. Click IMPORT. Then open Develop mode and start editing. Now that seemed easy enough, however, after I finished working on a few photos and saved them in new folder on my desktop, I then closed out of Lightroom, then decided there was another picture I wanted to bring into Lightroom and work it. That's where I had problems. When I reopened Lightroom again it opened up right to the Library again with the original few pictures I worked on earlier and no way, no how could I figure out how to start from scratch using the above mentioned way of importing a new photo. I tried for 2 hrs. I am embarrassed to say. I went in and out of lightroom numerous times, I rebooted my laptop a few times and each and overtime it brought me back to the same area of Library. Also with different finagling I was able to find all the different file folders on my desk top with my photos but absolutely NOTHING happened when I clicked on any of them. I don't know why this program has to be so difficult just to import a photo into it. Very frustrated at this point. Can someone help me by giving detailed advice as to how to fix this. I have manuals, looked at videos and none of them have been able to help me because the program opens up in a different way than any of that info describes. I've only used the program 5-6 times and this is a first time this has happened. Thanking the group in advance for any help you can offer.



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          Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

          Hi Paula,


          As you stated you have another image which you want to edit, it is not necessary to start from the scratch.


          If that image is already preset in the catalog, you can take the image to develop module and start editing and then export it to get a final copy.


          If the image is not available, please click on File Import Photos and Videos and import the new file in Lightroom and start working.


          However, if you really want to start from the scratch, you may choose any of the below options.


          > You can create a new catalog

          • Click on File > New catalog

          Refer : Photoshop Lightroom catalog FAQ


          > You can delete the images from the catalog.

          • Select all the images in the Library module and press delete key.
          • You will get an option to delete from catalog and from the disk.
          • Please choose the option carefully.

          Once you have deleted all the images from the catalog, you can start from the scratch again.

          Refer : How to manage photos within folders in Lightroom


          Let me know if this helps.




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            PaulaG245 Level 1

            Your instructions sound so simple as they should be but I am still unable to import a photo into Lightroom. Here is what I have. When I first open lightroom it opens up with the last catalog of 8 photos that I imported. To the lower right there is an import button just above a photo strip. If I press that IMPORT button it brings me to a screen and on the right side it was select a source, under that it has Macintosh HD, Users, Fredgreco, Desktop and a listing of all my files on the desk top. When I click on the file that has my picture in it it highlights the folder white and NOTHING happens. The folder does not open to show me the photo that is in it. And the import button bottom right does not light up. Only the cancel button on bottom right works. Now, next senerio, go to File on top, go to import photo and video, same window opens as described before. Click on folder under desktop and NOTHING happens.  That's as far as I have gone ALL day yesterday and now again. ;(

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              PaulaG245 Level 1

              sorry correction to above... select source is on left side not right side of screen. I am so topsey turvey with this program!

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                dj_paige Level 9

                Are you 100% sure there are actual photos that can be imported from this folder that you selected? Have you confirmed this by looking at the folder in your operating system? If there are files in that folder, what file type are they?

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                  WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                  Go to-http://www.lightroomqueen.com/blog/

                  and sign up for the free copy of the "QuickStart eBook". then read it cover to cover.

                  Lightroom is a database type program (for image management and editing.)

                  It only contains the data (and work) that you put into it.   

                  Lightroom does not contain your images...! It just holds data about them.

                  So don’t delete your photos from your hard drive thinking that they’re safely stored in Lightroom.!

                  Lightroom does not alter your original images…!  (non-destructive)

                  What you see in the library grid view are ‘previews’ of your images that you have told Lightroom to ‘import’.

                  The left folder panel shows actual disk drives and folders (*but only the folders and images that you have ‘imported’ into lightroom).

                  Everything you do in Lightroom is stored in the Lightroom database- called the “catalog”.

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                    PaulaG245 Level 1

                    I think I am going to uninstall this program and try reinstalling it. In doing so, is there a proper way to handle the uninstallation? Also, will it affect any of my original photos files I have on my hard drive? I don't care about edits I made in adobe as I saved those photos on my hard drive and a whole new picture so I won't loose any of that. Just concerned about my photos in iPhoto and any other files folders I have.  I called a place that gives classes on using this program $200 for 10 hrs. I asked if they would help me to first figure out what is wrong with it now and they said, Sure for $100 an hour". Well that isn't happening. If the unload and reload doesn't work Staples told me they would refund my money and I can bring the program back.

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                      dj_paige Level 9

                      Your photos are never stored in Lightroom. They are stored somewhere on your hard disk, wherever you put them or wherever you instructed Lightroom to put them.


                      You can uninstall and reinstall without losing your photos or your edits. However, it is unlikely that uninstall/reinstall will fix this issue.


                      Why don't you try this: go into Lightroom, open the Import dialog box, click on Copy, them make sure that the Destination panel on the right hand side is present and expanded, and then try to import.

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                        PaulaG245 Level 1

                        Thank you everyone for your suggestions and help. I decided to see if my MAC had any updates waiting to be done. It did, so I downloaded the update. Then went back into Lr, out of curiosity, and all of a sudden I was able to import photos into the program. I am not sure if that had anything to do with anything, but I was not going to complain. I did enough of that over the mentally exhausting weekend with LR. But again, thank you everyone for your patience and time in trying to help me fix this problem.  I am hoping to find an adult education class at one of the local schools here that teaches this program so that I can get full benefit of it's capabilities. Thank you again.

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                          Hal P Anderson Level 6



                          There are lots of free resources that will teach you Lightroom.


                          Check out Lightroom tutorials | Learn how to use Photoshop Lightroom from Adobe.


                          Also Free Lightroom Quick Start eBooks from Victoria Bampton, AKA The Lightroom Queen.


                          If you're willing to pay some money, Lynda.com has a multitude of good video tutorials for $25/month for unlimited access (with the first 10 days free).


                          There are lots more. Google is your friend.



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                            PaulaG245 Level 1

                            Thank you. I will look into it.