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    Develop module: sliders control with Wacom tablet



      I'm using a Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch Medium tablet with Lightroom, and moving sliders with the pen is a real pain: LR can't feel little adjustments, it simply don't move the slider, while it works for bigger changes, with a lag at the start.

      The issue is partially solved disabling the "Windows pen Input" in Tablet preferences, however pressure sensitivity using brushes in LR is completely lost.

      Is there a way to use Lightroom sliders with pen, keeping pressure sensitivity?




      Windows 10 Pro x64 (all updates installed)

      Lightroom CC 2015.3 (Camera Raw 9.3)

      Wacom Tablet 6.3.15-1 drivers (updated and reset) for Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch Medium CTH-680