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    Which app do I use to slow down video


      I have a video that was recorded on hi8 hand held video recorder. It was recorded at 2 times speed (I think) and I would like to up load it so that I can bring it back to normal speed.

      Which is the best app to buy to be able to achieve this, bearing in mind that I am a total novice at this type of thing?

      Thanks for any and all advice in advance.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Do you presently have any version of Premiere Elements? And, what computer operating system is involved? If you do not have any version of Premiere Elements at the present time, consider downloading and installing the free 30 days tryout of Premiere Elements 14 (latest version) from Adobe and determining a baseline for how your video display and plays back.


          To what 4:3 format did you convert the Hi8 tapes data?


          Slow motion effects can be achieved in Premiere Elements (depending on the version) using Time Stretch, Interpret Footage, or just clicking and dragging on the right side of the clip to increase its duration. Have you explored all of the above for your purposes?


          Please consider and supply more details.


          Thank you.