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    Color Correction Preset of Old Photos


      Searches for a preset that will help correct for skin tone in old faded photos have not turned up any results.

      I don't want to have to take photos into photoshop - is there a preset that can help me automatically set my rgb colors of skin tone? A non neutral tone.

      Are there any tools that will help me remove color casts from scans of old photos where the dye have faded at different rates?


      I have done the best I can with the eye dropper tool.

      Thank you in advance for any help you might offer.


      Thank you.

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          Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

          Hi joev,


          Please click on the below link to check for the presets available on Adobe.com



          If you have already edited an image and want to save the settings as a preset to be used in other images, pleaser refer the below link :

          Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 * Create and apply Develop presets


          Hope this helps.




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            joev66051531 Level 1

            I had already found where all the presets and add on are in the adobe website, but none of the say they do what I wish in the description.

            Had they said they would correct for skin tone (eye dropper correct skin tone instead of correcting for white or neutral) I would have not asked for help.


            If someone could recommend a specific plug in I would be very grateful


            Thank you

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              WobertC Adobe Community Professional

              Create your own presets-


              Open a 'Good' portrait in the Develop module, (hint use a test print)

              Select the Brush Tool,

              Click the Color box and drag the color dropper sampler onto the portrait skin tone,

              Click the "Effect" drop-down menu and [Save Current settings as new preset]

              Name it "Skin Tone Pink" or whatever,


              Open your 'old' image to develop,

              Choose the Brush Tool,

              Select the Brush Preset "Skin Tone Pink"

              Paint the face of the 'old' photo.

              Adjust other brush options as desired.


              Create several "Skin Tone" presets that will add color to your photo.

              Here is an image you can sample for some brush color presets.-


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                joev66051531 Level 1

                thank you!


                seems like a good idea I will try.


                what I like to do for skin tone is make sure my Red is more then yellow and yellow more then blue. I try to keep them in equal amounts.  Is there a way to set a ratio like this in a lightroon preset?



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                  WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                  Two ideas to ponder-


                  1. After you have a brush preset with a defined color, you can still change the white balance and exposure sliders of the brush to change its color and brightness to your visual liking as you brush the image.

                  This is visual, you do not have specific RGB values of the Brush. Even the RGB values that show under the histogram are not the brush alone, but rather they show the combination of the underlying color with the Brush "Tint" added.


                  2. You can define a Brush to a specific RGB value by using a color swatch sample, or create your own in Photoshop with set RGB values, then create the brush Preset from this color sample image in LR.

                  But again, the Brush is a "Tinting Brush", it adds to your underlying image, it does not paint full density color as would a brush in Photoshop. And note: a Brush color tint does not add color where your image is white or colorless, it needs underlying tones to modify.


                  Skin tones are so variable and color mixed that it is very difficult to define color as RGB values. Consider Lightroom to be a "Visual" editor and develop you images so they "look good" to you!

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                    joev66051531 Level 1

                    Can you define proportion of the rgb values?





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                      trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      joev66051531 wrote:


                      Can you define proportion of the rgb values?

                      The problem with using RGB values is that differences in lighting and/or LR Tone setting will change all three values, making it difficult to use them for that purpose. What you can use are the Lab mode values (L a b). 'L' is the Luminosity independent of color and 'a b' represents the color hue independent of L.


                      Lab color space - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


                      Here's an example:


                      PS LAB Color, Chapter 16 -- Recipe for portraits - Digital Grin Photography Forum


                      In the Develop module right-click on the Histogram and select 'Show Lab Color Values. There is no way to do this with a preset unless you have a set of prints that are faded the same way and amount. You'll need to manually adjust the WB Temp & Tint controls to get the desired 'ab' values, which can then Sync across print scans with the same color issue. For fading you will find the new LR CC 2015 'Dehaze' control under Effects useful. If the print has uneven color shift (i.e Shadow and Highlights discoloration different) Split Toning can be helpful as well as the Tone Curve separate RGB curves. This can also be Sync'd across multiple print scans with the same discoloration.