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    how to download adobe flash player on windows 8.1


      My flash player does not work. I have uninstalled it and re-installed it and it still does not work.


      In my "Your System Information" it says:  Your flash version.....................flashversioninfo

                                                                        Your browser name:................. flashserinfo

                                                                        You os system:..........................OSinfo.


      I also get this message when I try to install flash player:  Windows Update Standalone Installer: Security update for Windows (kb3103688) is already installed on this computer. It maybe installed, but it doesn't work.

      I can not update Shockwave, but the message says I have an outdated version and to update to the latest version. It won't update.

      I have been to Adobe, Microsoft, Dell and I get the same thing from everyone. Is there a way to get my flash player to work and if so how.

      I think it would be simple just to update my flash player, but for the past four days I have been trying and how I am getting a security message about I can not update the program I am trying to update.


      I am going around in circles and getting nowhere. I need to have someone tell me if this problem is with my computer or another source.


      Tom Travis