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    Flex Dashboard Recommendations?


      I'm hoping to short-circuit a potentially time-consuming evaluation of Flex
      dashboard containers. I need to deploy Flex widgets to a dashboard both
      statically and dynamically, move 'em around and resize them. I've looked at
      ESRIA and something called Dashboard Panel. Both look decent but I didn't see
      a widget resize or dynamic configuration capability in either one. FOSS would be
      nice but am willing to consider commercial offerings too. Any recommendations
      for a great Flex dashboard?

      Thanks, Garry
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          Your question is some what confusing. What is your ultmate goal? You say "evaluation." What does that mean?
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            garry.b Level 1

            I'm developing a number of Flex components. Users will select them, drop them onto a dashboard, move them around and resize them. The dashboard itself could be a Flex "window manager" container that accepts other Flex components, allowing them to be moved around and resized, etc. (Does that not describe ESRIA?) Are there other Flex dashboards out there? Has someone implemented a dashboard container in Flex? Other recommendations for dynamically presenting and managing a set of Flex components? Hope that's a bit clearer ...

            Thanks, Garry