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    Hyperlink with anchor issue

      We have a client that wishes to link to an glossary created as an html page with anchor tags for each glossary entry. In our Presenter presentation we then link to the glossary term's specific anchor tag on that html page. We have found a way to make this work when run locally, but when we run it on a webserver or from our LMS the links do not work.

      file name with the anchor tags is faq.htm. Faq.htm file is placed properly in the /data/resources directory that Presenter is looking for it in.

      using faq.htm#glossary_term for the URL does not work at all. After compiling the presentation the link is non-functional and does not respond to clicks (though works fine inside powerpoint).

      Converting the # symbol to a hex encode value of %23 works, but only if you run the course locally. URL that works locally is faq.htm%23glossary_term. When run locally you can see that the %23 in the URL is automatically converted to a # symbol. As soon as we load it to the web server or LMS server this will display a page cannot be displayed error. With the error on the server the %23 does not automatically convert to a # symbol, but if you manually change it in the address bar the URL then renders properly.

      Is there anything that can be done in Presenter to get the # symbol to be recognized so that the Hyperlink with the anchor works properly? Or is there something we can do to get the %23 hex option to work on the server? (server setting perhaps?)

      Thanks in advance for any ideas.