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    why can't I import my raw files from a CF card


      Hey all,


      I recently upgraded to a camera where I can use a CF card, I also purchased a card reader which seems to work just fine.  I went through my usual workflow from camera to computer

      1. plug in my card and open lightroom (5.7.1)

      2. choose the files(RAW) I would like to import

                some of them by this point are already pixelated and look like they are scratched up and not reading correctly.

      3. i then hit import and it automatically converts to DNG.. which is correct

      4. and then by the time hey have been converted and imported I am left with boxes with every single colour and no image, just a box of colours


      I feel like somehow I am not up to date because it's almost like my computer is unable to fully read the full file.  I have a macbook pro which is about 4 years old.  I have been shooting with a crop sensor 70d which has had no problems uploading. Since I just very recently switched to a full farm camera with a CF compact flash disc I haven't been able to figure it out.  If this sounds like something that is fixable I would loooove to hear about it. Thanks