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    Conditional Build Tag Problem

    LaKisha1 Level 1
      Hello all,

      Has anyone experienced problems with their output after applying conditional build tags to table columns? I have RH 7.002.001 and a co-worker has version 7.00.145, and this is the only difference that we can find as being the potential problem. It appears that she is correctly applying tags to specific columns in a table; however, when she generates the output, she sees both of the following:
      1. there's whitespace (i.e., for a column she tagged as being excluded, the column text does not display, but there's just a long, empty spot between two columns)
      2. there's jagged border lines where the excluded columns would be located

      As my co-worker puts it: "When publishing the printed document, the conditionally hidden columns are still appearing, just very thin and with no content in them. This is making the layout of the page look very bad."

      She's also having other issues in the generated printed document that I'm not having:
      1. When creating Printed Documentation, Header 1 becomes Header 2, and Header 2 becomes Header 3.
      2. There are no margins in the table cells (i.e., the text is immediately next to the border, with no space), except for the table cells in the Options column. All table cells, including the ones in the Options column, have the same properties.
      3. For all the files that she has edited, the header and footer are now displaying above and below the single table contained in the topic (i.e., for tables that span several pages in the Word doc, the header & footer are at the beginning and end of one html page that contains the single table, as opposed to having a header and footer on every page that the single table spans across).
      4. Borders are not exported with the table into the printed document. When she adds them, they display inconsistently in the printed doc. Some borders end up being two lines, and others are a single, thicker line.

      Any assistance is greatly appreciated, mainly regarding the problem with her output being incorrect despite applying the build tags correctly, and excluding them from the output correctly.

      Thank you!