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    Hi.I was Exporting my document in In Design that my file crashed and Error me:Close the program.then it open again and asked me if i want to recover it?I said No. it open and i saw the layout and after a few seconds it crashed again.how could i recover?



      I was Exporting my document in In Design that my documentn suddenly crashed and show me the "Closing the program" error. Then I opened it again and asked me "if I want to recover the file?" that I sellected "No". then my document opened and I coul see the layout and everythings But after a few seconds (3-4 seconds) it crashed and again show me the message "Closing Program". after all each time i open it again in my laptop or my friens this problem appears to me. please tell me if any solutions there are for my amazing problem?

      (notie: i even deleted all the recovery files in Indesign folders and then Reinstalled the software and even reinstalled my windows but it not works)