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    States inList

    Sankar Kethineni
      Hi All,

      here is the my problem statement................

      Am using the List and the array collection is the dataProvider for List and also have the ItemRenderer to display more than one dataField with the help of HBox's and VBox's.

      I have a button to insert a new item in the List .Here is the actual problem for me to do,
      1) For the new item, i should have the different background and buttons for adding the values into the database
      and for cancel. After adding the new item to database and will be displayed in the list
      2) For already added items, i should have different background and buttons for edit and and cancel for
      discarding the changes.

      Is it possible with states or is there any other approaches to do this?

      Any Help can be appreciated and Thanks in Advance..........

      Here is the sample code........