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    Lightroom Running Very Slowly All of the Sudden


      I have searched and read all the forums about optimizing Lightroom performance (How to improve and speed up Photoshop Lightroom performance) and have watched numerous videos with tips on improving performance on YouTube and yet have not found a solution.


      The Issue: After a few months of using Lightroom, it has suddenly become unusably slow. It wasn't a deliberate march to being slow over time. Instead, one day it was usable, and the next it wasn't. Even in the library module it lags to switch between pictures. When I press F for full screen, where it used to be instant and now takes about 10 seconds and then is stuck in full screen. This holds true for large pictures and even low res old iPhone pictures. Can no longer import even waiting over a minute in between clicks.


      About my Computer

      • 2015 Macbook Pro (a few months old)
      • Running OS X El Capitan 10.11.2
      • 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5
      • Memory - 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3
      • Graphics - Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB
      • Total Hard Drive is 120 GB
      • Use 96 GB of hard drive - 47 GB in photos and about 22 GB in "other" which I assume is a majority Lightroom data
      • I almost exclusively use this machine for photography and browsing the web. Nothing else. very few other programs and file type


      About my Lightroom

      • Lightroom CC
      • 2015.2.1 Release
      • 5,864 total photos on the computer and in my main Lightroom catalog
      • Only about 60 have been edited significantly in the develop module
      • Majority taken on a 24MP Sony A6000 camera JPEG format


      What I have tried to troubleshoot, to no avail

      1. Read a lot about Catalog size. Mine is still pretty small, but I tried closing the catalog and starting a new one with about 200 shots straight out of the camera. This did not resolve the issue.
      2. Optimized catalog
      3. Changed preferences to automatically discard 1:1 previews after one day.
      4. Top left doesn't say anything about rendering previews. This along with the fact that the issue was sudden leads me to believe that "Preview sizes" are not the issue, but I could be wrong.
      5. I tried moving all my photos to a fast external hard drive - The catalog file was still on my computer, but I had dramatically more space on the machine. This did not resolve the issue
      6. I turned off face detection because it had been trying to detect faces
      7. Increased camera raw cache size


      Lightroom isi the only application I've had problems with. Everything else is zippy and smooth. Please help!