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    Rolling back lightroom version

    Phaeton Place2

      I cancelled my creative cloud subscription to PS/LR recently.  I currently have LR 5.7.1 installed on my MBP.  I can import raw files as I have always been able to do but the develop module is greyed out.  It's asking me to update my subscription.  I've been in touch with support via Chat and I've managed to download a standalone copy of LR 5.4.  I've opened the file but all it does is update the current version of LR already on my laptop.  Not sure why it says it is updating to an older version but there it is.  I backed up my LR catalog and I'm thinking I'll need to delete the current 5.7.1 installation before I run the LR 5.4 standalone copy.  Am I on the right track here?  I'm assuming none of my photos will be deleted during the process.


      Thanks for the help.