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    Coldfusion error message

      When I try to obtain data from database using the following remoteobject, the Flex application generated the following error:

      Unable to invoke CFC - Could not find the ColdFusion Component or Interface components.cf.transactions.Transactions

      This is my remoteobject:

      <mx:RemoteObject id="transactionsService" destination="ColdFusion" source="Accounting.components.cf.transactions.TransactionsGateway" >

      <mx:method name="getAll" />
      <mx:method name="save" />

      Accounting is the project folder which is inside wwwroot.
      The strange thing is I have another project in wwwroot which is working perfectly fine.
      Secondly when I remove the getAll() function inside TransactionsGateway, the Flex application generates a message to say that it cannot locate the getAll() function.

      Can anyone provide some suggestions?