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    Large Scale Face Recognition


      I am trying to use Lightroom's face recognition, but it bogs down a lot at scale. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong, if there is a workaround, or if the feature just isn't very good.


      I am an amateur so my scale isn't even very big - about 40,000 photos. Mostly of family members over 10 years. Most of the faces are of a small set of people (a ton of my direct family and a bit of friends).


      The problem is that trying to accept / reject faces, at scale, is incredibly slow and frustrating. The software gets bogged down.


      Here's my process:

      • Goto to the People view
      • Select a person
      • Look at "Similar" photos.
      • Click on the first photo and scroll through the similar photos until I find a non-match. Then shift-select all the ones in between.
      • Click the checkmark to mark all as that name


      The problems:

      • Every time I do this it needs to re-scan for similar faces. but this process of me saying "yes" and it being ready for me to select more takes minutes.
      • If I want to select  or deselect an individual photo when a lot are highlighted, it takes maybe 20 seconds to accept that


      Aside: Another process is to go to the "unnamed people" section and do that in order, but I find that very cumbersome to do with thousands of photos.


      My guess is the software isn't designed to efficiently process this stuff at scale - with thousands of photos and hundreds to thousands of selections. But this is Lightroom, which is designed for professionals with MANY more photos than I have. So that seems baffling.


      Any insight or workarounds?


      Thanks a lot.