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    Indesign CC 2015 deactivates Windows Aero on startup

    Atahualpa Level 1

      Hi there,


      i have the following problem and it is really bothering me and stressing my workflow.


      I use two screens. One of them is a 4k monitor, the other FullHD. In the windows appearance settings i use a custom dpi setting of 185% for textsize.

      As soon as i start indesign with the "scalable user interface" acticated windows produces an error an deactivates the aero effect. When move explorer windows from one screen to the other i feel like working with windows 95 all the time, due the the deactivated windows aero theme.

      Now, if i deactivate the scaling of the UI in indesign it works. But you cant work in indesign without scaling the UI on a 4k monitor. Everything is way to small.

      If i just set the textsize dpi to 100% it also works. Then i can work in indesign but the windows text and icons are super small. Not good either.


      My system is running a core i7 6700k with 32GB RAM and a Geforce GTX 980 Ti... Windows should never tell me that it doesnt have enough resources!!!


      Please help!


      Kind regards,


      Atahualpa Seyffert