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    Lightoom 5 on Windows PC.  For some reason I have seven Catalogs named "Lightroom 5 catalog" and one named "Lightroom 5 Catalog (2)."  The "Lightroom 5 Catalogs (2)" will not work and only one of the "Lightroom 5 Catlaogs" work and show my most recent up

      1. Hi.



      I’m relatively new to Lightroom compared to many
      photographers.  I believe Lightroom 5.7
      is my latest version or update.  I use a
      Windows compatible version.  I was an
      idiot and allowed myself to be schemed into allowing a person claiming to be an
      iolo rep. remote access of my CPU when they claimed I was being hacked.  Long story short:  They left me with my CPU inoperable and I
      needed to wipe my system clean to have any use of it.  Luckily had use an external backup.  It was a real nightmare to say the least.



      I recently had McAfee help me with some issues I was
      having.  One of the problems I was
      having, and I’m not sure that it is related, was that every time I’d load a CD
      or DVD into my drive, auto-play would try to open Lightroom.   After correcting the problem I got
      suspicious and checked Lightroom by trying to open the desktop link.  Upon doing so I got a message saying:  Confirm
      error message – Lightroom cannot use the catalog named “Lighhtroom 5 Catalog
      [at other times it would just say “Lightroom
      ] because it is not writable
      and cannot be opened
      This could be caused by incorrect
      permissions or because another Lightroom application is using the catalog.  You may try to correct the problems or you
      may select a different catalog. 
      following three options as buttons below the message in the dialog box:   Choose
      a different catalog, try again,
      Other times I use the desk top
      Icon and Lightroom opens but I get a message for the last images I loaded to it
      saying:  The file cannot be found



      I tried using the shortcut located in the Startup menu and
      it lists several Lightroom catalogs as Lightroom
      5 Catalog
      and one as Lightroom 5
      Catalog (2)
      .  Occasionally these open
      the most recent or latest “version” of Lightroom 5 with my latest loading of
      images and modifications. To eliminate the ones that aren’t working and since
      they all are named with the same name (except for the one with the “(2)” in its
      name), I cannot tell which one is working.
      There seems to be no consistency as to which file/ link opens the latest
      version with modifications.  As a matter
      of fact, I panicked in writing this information down to seek help and in doing
      the steps to record them information for this correctly, I somehow opened most
      recent, up to date version again.  I’m
      afraid to close it!



      I have also checked with the programs listed under All Programs and if I recall correctly,
      opening this file/program sometimes yields the correct, latest “version” and
      most times it doesn’t.



      I’ve also done a search on the CPU drive for “Lightroom” and
      found that there are seven Lightroom 5 Catalogs and one Lightroom 5 Catalog (2)



      I may have had this problem without knowing it for quite
      some time since my wife has been real sick for the past many months and I’ve
      not been able to do any photography.  If
      any, I’ve done very little work in Lightroom since redoing my CPU from the



      Why would I have so many Catalogs listed?  Can I delete old/redundant Catalogs?  How do I know which Catalogs I can delete
      without any harm to future data/image retrieval?  Will all these Catalogs be on my backup
      drive?  I backup after doing a sizable
      batch of work and only save the “present/existing” Catalog – the same one I
      always work from, or at least I thought I was working from ….



      I’m at a loss and have no idea what the heck is
      happening.  I certainly have no idea how
      to remedy the problem as I’ve tried probably 50 times using different
      scenarios.  I’m quite honestly afraid to
      do too much as McAfee, with whom I have a service agreement, is clueless about
      Lightroom and its workings, and I’m afraid I’d only make matters worse and leave
      all my work irretrievable.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Maybe some ideas about Lightroom-


          LR Catalogs are like Word Documents, or Spreadsheets, or Databases- You can have many of them, but each one may contain different information (words, numbers, photos, etc). The LR catalogs contain (text) information about your photos that you have added by the 'Import' process and 'Develop' editing. So you ideally should use one catalog to show and work with all your photo image files. The reason? Lightroom cannot look in more than one catalog at the same time!


          If you hold down the [ALT] key before and while Lightroom is starting up, it will show you a dialog that lists all the catalogs it knows about and you can choose and open the one you want to be your "Master" catalog.

          (Without holding [ALT] Lightroom will open the last used catalog as default- unless you have changed this option in the Preferences [CTRL+,]. General Tab > Default Catalog. )


          How will you know which is "Master" ? 

          Only by opening each one and checking the image previews you have in that catalog.


          How do you know which Catalog you are looking at?

          When a catalog is open, its name should show at the very top of screen.  Or if you press [ CTRL+ALT+, ] then a "Catalog Settings" window will show on the 'General' Tab, the name of the current catalog and where it is located in your computer.


          If you decide to use one existing catalog as your 'Master' you can delete any others in the operating system (as you would move a word document to the trash.)


          If you have information that you want to keep in more than one catalog, you can merge two catalogs with a menu command "File > Import from another catalog."


          Catalogs are always of the file type suffix of  { xxxx.LRCAT }


          I highly recommend all to read- The "Quick Start eBook" by Victoria Bampton- at this link: