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    stuck on verify screen with the wrong adobe ID


      i'm stuck on the verify screen with a friend's email address that i don't have access too, and cant get back to the sign in page,any ideas on how to fix it?

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          Brucgovn Adobe Community Professional

          Follow below steps :


          End all Adobe related processes from Task Manager (PC) / Activity Monitor (mac).


          Windows :

          Press Windows button (located between Ctrl and Alt buttons) along with R button together at a time , you will get a run command window.

          Type in below command and hit 'Enter' key.


          It will open Appdata folder.

          Then navigate to Local>Adobe>OOBE. Open OOBE folder and delete " Opm.db" file.



          Mac :


          1) Right click on Finder icon and  select "Go-To" Folder option.
          2) You will get a text box, type-in below command and then hit 'Return' key.( " Do not miss ~ symbol " )


          It will open User Library folder.

          3)Then navigate to Application Support>Adobe>OOBE. Open OOBE folder and trash Opm.db file.



          Once you had deleted Opm.db file , relaunch Adobe Creative Cloud app , it shud provide you Sign in option.